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the request for statehood to palestine. 24 years ago, the assembly, through its resolution, has acknowledged -- as a state. we reiterate the hope that palestine's application to full membership in the united nations will be favorably considered. we hope that palestine's full membership is consistent with the shared vision of a two state solution. we believe the independent state of palestine with equal rights and equal responsibilities to those of other states will contribute to a just and lasting peace in the middle east. mr. president, the indiscriminate violence and the disproportionate use in gaza and palestine, serves as a serious reminder as a need and acceleration for the peace process. put an end of collective punishment. mr. president, by appointing them statehood to the state of palestine, we are signaling the primacy of diplomacy and the rejection of violence. we are making a strong statement for the need of mutual respect among nations. we are beginning to address historic injustices. all humankind, it including the long-suffering people of palestine, is entitled to human rights
, the palestine, venezuela, vietnam, catarrh, khazikstan, cuba, kuwait, kenya, 11 non, libya, molly, malaysia, madagascar, egypt, morocco, saudi arabia, mauritania, namibia, nigeria, nicaragua, india, yemen, qaeda stan, .elarus mr. president, this important draft resolution is aimed at taking a historic decision, granting palestine the status of non-member observer state. the preamble of the drafted resolution refers to the unacceptability of territory by force stipulated in the charter. the other paragraph in the preamble reaffirms the right of the palestinian people to self- determination, including their right to an independent state of palestine. mr. president, a certain paragraph in the preamble reaffirms prevalent revolutions to the security council as well as the general assembly concerning the peaceful -- that mentions among others that israel must withdraw from occupied palestinian territories, occupied since 1967. that the inalienable rights of the palestinian people with the right to self-determination and their right to establish an independent state must be achieved. as well as a
to recognize palestine as a non-member state. palestinians celebrated, but the u.s. says it is an obstacle to peace talks. nbc's danielle lee joins us with those details. danielle, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. it's a bit of a loss for the u.s. and israel. the peer is that yesterday's vote will make palestine less likely to negotiate a peace agreement with israel moving forward. yesterday the united nations overwhelmingly voted to upgrade palestine's status to a non-member state and that could allow them to go after israel in criminal court which could delay or complicate peace talks in an effort towards forming two independent states of palestine and israel moving forward. u.n. ambassador susan rice called the vote a setback. the u.s. had threatened funding in the west bank in the hopes of preventing it. now rice says that the only way to truly form an independent palestinian state is through direct negotiations with israel. she says that is something the u.s. is committed to making happen. despite those comments, palestinians took to the streets yesterday in a ste
the people of palestine to make decisions regarding their own future. imagine one day in palestine there is no longer occupation. occupation no longer exists in palestine. what else would there remain? >> do you believe in a two-state solution? >> translator: about the decision of the people of palestine i cannot express an opinion. that is their prerogative. but the people of palestine must be allowed by everyone and helped by everyone to allow them, to give them the right to choose for themselves, to choose their own future. >> if they agreed -- mr. president, if the palestinians agreed to a deal with the israelis which recognized a two-state solution, would you then recognize the state of israel? if the state of palestine was accepted by the international community, would you accept a two-state solution? >> translator: but before that, allow me -- allow me to say something. i believe what is our common responsibility, all of humanity, must help to end and eradicate occupation, bullying. eradicate bullying. no longer impose or meddle in the internal affairs of anyone. there are a
the jewish institute for national security affairs and the palestine center. then, will black friday give walmart a black eye? >> because we live in america and we work for the world's largest company and we're still not making it. >> because after choosing between paying my bills -- >> because i'm 52 years old and i cannot afford my own apartment on what i make a walmart. >> walmart workers across the country planning to stage unprecedented walkouts and protests on friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. violence continues to flare in the israeli assault on the gaza strip as a cease-fire remains out of reach. and breaking news, about 21 people have been wounded in a bus bombing near military headquarters in the israeli city of tel aviv. israeli police say two suspects threw a bomb on to the bus before fleeing the scene. the attack marks one of the worst inside israel and several years. tuesday saw an unrelenting wave of israeli strikes on the gaza strip, with the p
. the president's lunch with mitt romney, the united nations note on palestine. all this as joe biden was christmas shopping. >>> and some amazing random acts of kindness. good morning, everyone. i'm lynn berry. and today the first of the two grand prize powerball winners will come forward to reveal themselves and have their lives change forever. and there's also buzz about a potential code within the winning numbers. nbc's kerry sanders has that story. >> reporter: in tiny dearborn, missouri, where just about everyone knows everyone, the question is was it one of their own who bought a winning powerball ticket? >> it's exciting, very exciting. we never, ever thought that we would sell the winning ticket, and here it is. we did. >> reporter: folks in this farming community just off interstate 70 are now trying to figure out if the winning numbers were chosen with meaning. dearborn is but 35 miles north of kansas city, home of the royals baseball team. those winning lottery numbers? they match royals' hall of famers, brett, gubiza, jackson, leonard, quizenbury. the one outlier, bo jack
, cbs news, cairo. >> today the united nations is expected to vote to recognize palestine as a sovereign state. the vote to give the palestinians a non-member observer status is opposed by the united states and israel. >> reporter: good morning. that vote will take place in the general assembly where there will be only observer status. to become a member you need u.n. security council and that won't happen because the u.s. will veto it. the u.s. and israel tried hard to get palestine not to go along with today's vote. but they are now down playing it it doesn't give palestine what it wants. it's quiet this morning outside the u.n. but demonstrators are expected to protest the vote on palestinian recognition. palestinians are seeking status as a nonmember observer. palestinians say they need u.n. recognition of a palestinian state in the west bank in order to get israel back to the negotiating table. the u.s. insists on direct negotiations with israel. >> the path to a two state solution is through jerusalem and ramallah, not new york. >> reporter: they recognized the palestine 1977 borde
is looking on thinking you know what? israel and palestine in i really think god jehovah if he wanted anybody dead, he would smite them himself. i think i speak for most of us when i say no matter what side you're on, it has become wearisome and the world is sick of this horrible, horrible suffering and carnage. i'm on the side of anybody of any faith who is trying to solve these problems in a nonviolent manner. good morning dan. it is good to have you here. >> good morning. >> john: i want to get to the fact that because of israel, we were minor superstars of the right wing hate machine yesterday. >> yes. you made it on news busters. >> john: i made it on news busters many times. i talk about the bible a lot. i talk about jesus a lot and this upsets news busters because they like to use jesus as a club to hurt anyone trying to help the less fortunate. and so i've been attacked by them many times. we made comments yesterday -- i made some comments yesterday that prompted a wave of online hate from our friends who wer
to be untenable, then any land would do- uganda as well as palestine- of the time. and this provoked the first great debate within the zionist movement between those who are for seeking sovereignty in the land of israel, and those who said, well, sovereignty can be achieved elsewhere too. this was the first big territorial debate. then the next phase was in the thirties when the british proposed their first division of what was then palestine, which included both banks of the jordan river, the east bank and the west bank of the jordan river, and to divide it into two- the east bank, which will be what we now call jordan, and the west bank, which would be palestine- would be some kind of joint jewish and arab state. this provoked again another big argument within the settlement then in the land of israel among those who said, "only the entirety of the land," and those who said, "well, better some of it rather than the entire bit." and then the six day war is just another phase in this ongoing argument. the same argument went on also in 1948, and the decision to the partition the land again into
-swell of pro-palestine supporters in san francisco for the second day in a row. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: like the fight over abortion and same-sex marriage, all too often there is little middle ground when it comes to israel and palestine. >> the people on one side of the street are screaming for the elimination of the israeli state and calling us commies. >> it's really very hard to understand this. >> reporter: the scale of these protests outside the israeli consulate in san francisco speaks volumes. small clusters of activists outnumbered by those who support palestine. they are younger, their voices louder. >> have the fights in the streets of san francisco doesn't help. >> i don't think that there is lack of support. i think in a way in the bay area, this is a place where it's a relentless producer of new ideas. one of the ideas is antiwar. >> reporter: and antiwar activists weary of armed conflict are sometimes drawn to the plight of palestinians. at berkeley, the government is investigating allegations of anti-semitism. >> shame on you! >> reporter: a shift that could only inten
and a ground swell of pro-palestine report is fueling demonstrations in san francisco for the second day in a row. >> reporter: like the fight for abortion rights and same-sex marriage, all too often there is little middle ground when it comes to israel and palestine. >> the people are screaming for the legal nation of the state and calling us nazis. >> it's really hard to understand this. >> reporter: the scale of these protests, outside the israel consulate in san francisco, speaks volumes. small clusters of pro-israel activists outnumbered by those who support palestine. they're younger but their voices are louder. >> having that street fight doesn't help much. >> reporter: the general of israel has discouraged them from joining the protest but he believes support for israel is strong here. >> i don't think there is lack of support. i think in the bay area, this is a place where it's a relentless producer of new ideas. one of the ideas is anti-war. >> reporter: and he admits, young anti-war activists are sometimes drawn to the flight of palestinians. the federal government is investig
and palestine was br. "shots" ,. >>> the fighting continues in the middle east after a temporary cease fire between israel and palestine was broken. israel's military -- israel's military struck nearly 200 targets in palestinian territory just overnight. the attacks destroyed government and police compounds including a smuggling tunnel and a 3-story apartment building. hamas militants have struck back with nearly 500 rockets. it looks like israel is now getting ready for a ground invasion, and the conflict in the middle east is very much felt here in the bay area. protesters on both sides of the issue took to the streets outside the israeli consulate in san fransisco. small clusters of pro israel activists were outnumbered by those who support palestine. >> i don't know how come spot military air forces to bomb and kill children. it's very hard to understand it. >> the people on the other side of the street are screaming for the elimination and calling us baby killers. >> they have discourage israel supporters from joining these kinds of protests. at uc berkeley they're investigating antese
nations is supposed to approve very soon making palestine a nonu.n. observer state. live pictures of the u.n. there on the screen to the right. the upgrade in status would place palestine at the same level as the vatican and help the effort to join the criminal court. the united states does not approve fearing it would inhibit peace negotiations with israel. >>> a tense hosz taj situation on tv and an anchor called in to help negotiate. why he now regrets helping out. that's next. >>> okay. a tv anchor turns in the a hostage negotiator? police call the brazilian tv host while he was on the air last night hosting his crime show. rafael romo joins me from atlanta. i have never heard anything like this. tell us about the hostage situation an why the tv host got involved. >> don, it is a case that strikes right at the heart of journalism ethics. should we as journalists be allowed to act as negotiators in a hostage situation? you are looking at the images here. a house was surrounded by police after a call came in that a man had two hostages in that house. and the man demanded to talk to this
by the united nations general assembly. an overwhelming majority made palestine a non-member state. that is the same as the vatican. >> only a handful of countries voted against the move, including the u.s. and israel. both threaten to sanction palestinian request. israel today announced the construction of 3000 more settler homes in response. >> many hope it will be for step toward independence and true statehood. >> life remains the same in the palestinian territories, but many say the united nations vote has given them a new outlook. >> it is a beautiful feeling. there's hope that our children will grow up in an independent nation with its own voice, and that is a feeling that is hard to describe it. >> the decision came after a powerful appeal by the palestinian authority president in new york. >> the general assembly is called upon today to issue a birth certificate of the reality of the state of palestine. >> 138 generally assembly -- general assembly members voted in favor of upgrading palestine to the status of nonmember observers say. israel opposed the status change, sayi
hoping everyone's decision will give a birth certificate to the state of palestine. >> the assembly voted on a resolution to award palstines nonmember state. >> the result of the voting is as follows. in favor, 138. opposed, 9. abstentions, 41. >> reporter: an overwhelming majority voted in favor. among the minority who voted against resolution were israel and the united states. they argue that the palestine state hood should be negotiated between the two parties first. thursday's vote was a significant victory for the palestinians after their bid to gain full u.n. membership was shelved in the security council. being recognized as a state pal stain my exercise its new right to investigate alleged war crimes by israel. critics say it would the detrimental. it remains to be seen whether the new status will help achieve its dream of indepeence. >>> car bomb explosions rock two cities in central iraq killing 35 people and injuring more than 150. police suspect the attacks are aimed at spreading sectarian strife. two womans explode ebombs explo minutes apart. the blast killed 27 people and in
of palestine to an observer state at the u.n. and this is the first step to accomplish our palestinian rights which we have cemented in >> warner: abbas is seeking recognition of palestine as a non-member observer state encompassing the west bank, gaza and east jerusalem along the pre-1967 war borders. his fatah faction only rules now in part of the west bank. its islamist rival hamas, which advocates violent resistance to israel, controls gaza. after long opposing abbas's u.n. efforts, the militant hamas recently endorsed the move. >> ( translated ): the hamas movement is with all the diplomacy acts that adds to the palestinian victories. we welcome the step for statehood at the united nations but we want it to be through a national program based on the resistance and keeps the palestinian rights. >> warner: general assembly recognition would put palestine on a par with the vatican at the u.n., but would not grant full representation. last year, abbas failed to win full u.n. membership for a state of palestine. the u.s. is opposed to even limited recognition, saying it will endanger prospect
. >> palestine leaders brushing off the obama administration which wants them to call off a request for upgraded united nations recognition. allison burns in washington, to tell us why the secretary of state said this could hurt the chance of ever reaching peace with israel. >> reporter: her concern is that the vote would rise tensions with israel president palestine is likely to get their way. they see this upgraded status with the united nations would be a significant step toward independent statehood. this is video from palestine tv of rallies ahead of the united nations vote. after their failed bid last year today they are trying a different approach. they are asking for nonmember swerver status like the vatican. >> for the world to start to rectify a grave historical injustice that the palestine ans have undergone beginning the creation of the state of israel in 1948. >> the un vote comes after a week of a cease fire. the president needs the vote to boost his own authority but the united states said any hope of restarting peace talks between israel and palestine would be set back. reporti
] [applause] >> the poverty general assembly. secretary general, ladies and gentlemen. palestine comes today to the united nations general assembly at the time it is still tending to its wounds and -- beloved martyrs of children, women and men who have fallen victims to the latest israeli aggression, still searches for remnants of life turned ruins of homes strailed by israeli bombs on the gaza strip wiping out entire families. men, women and children along with their dreams, their hopes, their future and their longing to live an ordinary life and to live in freedom and peace. palestine comes today to the general assembly because it believes in peace. and because its people have proven -- are in desperate need of it. palestine comes today to this prestigious international forum reaffirming our conviction that the community now stands before the last chance to save the two-state solution. palestine comes to you today at a defining moment regionally and internationally in order to reaffirm its preansd to try to protect the -- presence and to try to protect the possibility and the foundations o
to palestinians that the u.n. today has slightly upgraded your status? >> it's about palestine joining the group of nations. this status was granted to us in 1922 when britain was mandated to palestine and restated the status in 1947 and today after 20 years of negotiations, having recognized the state of israel right to exist with peace and security, having negotiated with them in good faith for almost 20 years, they continued their settlement activities. we came to the united nations not to confront the u.s. and not to isolate israel. we came to preserve the two state solution. we have a derailed peace process due to the settlement activities by the israeli government and president mahmoud abbas decided to come to the u.n. in order to put the peace process back on track. imagine that the articles of the resolution specified a two state solution, state of palestine to live side by side with the state of israel and then we see some congressmen and some senators and some israeli government officials going out of their minds, threatening doom and gloom. what is the crime we're committing? for god'
or only talking. i think we should make it. >> the gaza strip in palestine suffered more serious damage. israeli attacks killed more than 130 civilians. this house was bombed by the israeli air strike on sunday. 11 people were killed. nine of them were women and children. >> translator: women and children were having a meal at home when the bomb hit. why did they have to be killed? the house was totally destroyed. it was a scene of carnage. >> reporter: the search continues for anyone who remains missing. the israeli military says people linked to hamas lived in the house. the attack was criticized because many civilians were killed. israelis have begun an investigation. a funeral was held for the family. the following day. the mourners strongly criticized israel. >> translator: israel killed mothers and children. what did they do to deserve this? i want god's judgment. >> reporter: calls for retaliation are intensifying in israel and palestine, as the number of civilian casualties continues to rise. but an early cease-fire to put an end to the cycle of hatred is not yet in sight. nhk w
a single objective, the liberation of palestine. it speaks of tel aviv as occupied palestine. what do you negotiate with someone whose only objective, declare openly and unashamedly, is your destruction? if you make a concession to someone you access your existence to want a bit of extra land, find. you can have an accommodation between you and your adversary. if you have an enemy that once your destruction, like iran, and of whom hamas is a client, there are no negotiations. you are dreaming if you say this has to stop and there has to be a resolution. yes, there has to be, but there is none. >> onto foreign policy, let me ask you about this. 97 house republicans have signed a letter this week warning president obama not to make susan rice the next secretary of state, calling -- saying that she either willfully or incompetently misled the american public in the handling of the van ghazi matter. >> i would say that their understanding of the constitution and their role in conformations is illustrative of their overall general knowledge. i think this is a very difficult one for the preside
palestine a nation. >> the united nations general assembly is here to issue a birth certificate of the reality of the state of palestine. >> reporter: for palestinians watching the vote on the giant screen, it was a huge victory. in ramallah, nbc's martin fletcher. >> reporter: this is a great personal triumph, but what the people here most want is real change on the ground, and that won't happen without direct face to face negotiations with israel. >> reporter: israel, having just gone through eight days of conflict with gaza, strongly objected, arguing that palestinians must first recognize their right to exist. before gaining new rights at the u.n. >> the world awaits for president abbas to speak the truth about peace, that can only be achieved through negotiations, by recognizing israel as a jewish state >> reporter: palestinians hope today's vote will strengthen their hands in future peace talks. but the u.s. argued that it could set them back. >> today's unfortunate and counterproductive resolution places further obstacles in the path to peace. >> reporter: still, peace ta
objections of the united states, the u.n. voted to give rights to palestine. the united nations general assembly voted by a 2/3 majority to recognize the state of palestine. secretary of the state hillary clinton called vote counter productive. >>> a s.w.a.t. team surrounded the home of joseph francis quarry. officers rushed cory when he had come outside of his house to take in his dogs. >>> today actress lindsay lohan faces new charges. the 26-year-old faces third degree charges. showing you here lohan leaving the police station hidden under a jacket. lohan was charged for three misdemeanors in an accident where her porsche crashed. >>> the marin independent journey says a park will be built right next to city hall and would require demolition of an old building. the building would include a statute of yoda. they also call for a statute of indiana jones. >>> one of two winners will share a record $188 million power ball lottery. a missouri lottery official says they have confirmed the winner with the announcement set for tomorrow. the gas station will claim $50,000 just for selling th
emergency crews arrived. the two girls had been good friends for about 8 years. >>> time now 5:08. palestine's status upgrade? the controversial vote headed to the united nations. we'll have the latest. >> plus, call them the uncommon champions. why this fremont high school football team is getting national attention. >> a holiday tradition is back. how many lights does it take to make this street by if the big apple? coming up. ,,,,,,,, [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] gave the first peek at this year's christmas decorations including 54 trees! the theme this seaso >>> check it out. it's christmastime at the white house. the first lady gave the first peek at this year's christmas decorations including 54 trees. the theme this season is joy to all. first lady michelle obama invited military families today for a tour of those decorat
on the show. >> thank you. >> eliot: a new constitution in egypt and a seat at the table for palestine. mints called mints? answer in a moment. >> eliot: when news first broke the makers of twinkies were going out of business, too many people assumed it was the same old story. union workers demanding exorbitant wages. let's take a look at what the management at hostess has been up to over the last few years. they've sold the company three times since the 1980s each time losing assets and picking up debt. leading to two bankruptcy filings in the last ten years. the ceo's salary was tripled earlier this year. now as a parting shot, they just gave us our number of the day. $1.8 million. that's how much hostess wants to pay just in bonuses to 19 of their top executives. on average, each executive would get nearly $100,000 on top of their normal salary to help wind down a company that failed under their watch. but there's no point in picking on hostess. this kind of mentality has become common. the average pay for an american ce
assembly voted today to recognize palestine as a non- member observer state. the tally was 138 to nine, with 41 abstentions. the u.s. voted no. it came after palestinian president mahmoud abbas appealed to the world body to issue the birth certificate of palestine. >> we did not come here seeking to delegitimize a state established years ago, and that is israel. rather, we came to affirm the legitimacy of a state that must now achieve its independence, and this is palestine. >> sreenivasan: palestinians said the vote would strengthen their hand in future peace talks with israel. but the israeli ambassador to the u.n., ron prosor, warned that the palestinians are turning their backs on peace. >> for as long as president abbas prefers symbolism over reality, as long as he prefers to travel to new york for u.n. resolutions rather than travel to jerusalem for genuine dialogue, any hope of peace will be out of reach. >> sreenivasan: meanwhile, a bipartisan group of u.s. senators said today they will push to cut off u.s. aid, if the palestinians use their new status to bring israel before th
to recognize palestine as a nonmember observer state. in the west bank city of ramallah, hundreds celebrated the vote in the main square. the resolution still won't make palestine a nation, but it is a symbolic victory that palestinians home will strengthen their hand in future peace talks. israel strongly objected to the move, arguing that palestinians must first recognize israel's right to exist before gaining new rights at the u.n. yesterday u.s. ambassador to the u.n., susan rice, said the resolution would only delay the peace process. >> today's unfortunate and counterproductive resolution places further obstacles in the path to peace. today's vote should not be misconstrued by any as constituting eligibility for u.n. membership. it does not. this resolution does not establish that palestine is a state. >> a leading concern for israel is that the palestinians could now use the status to access the u.n.'s international criminal court, pressing it to investigate israel's practices in the occupied territories. >>> in washington, lawmakers are already threatening to cut millions of dollars
know, you don't have a country here. >> exactly. >> even if they did eventually divide up palestine and israel, the two states, you still have no country. >> we are still without country, yeah. even if there is palestine and arab government and everything is arab, it will stay like their religion, and i don't belong here and i'm very sure of that, you know. >> well, you mentioned that you have three daughters. we've obviously seen some tensions between the arabs and jews. for instance, if one of your daughters wanted to date an arab boy, would that be acceptable in your eyes? >> it's one of those questions that you hope doesn't happen, and in my case, i doubt very much it would happen. but if you want to be very hypothetical or theoretical, it would not be acceptable in my eyes. one of the reasons that we moved to live in a jewish society in a jewish state was to live in a place where the threat of intermarriage is very, very small. and besides the fact that my kids all got very strong jewish and zionist upbringings, it would be the furthest thing from any of their minds in any even
to know who should be negotiating with israel. >> well, the plo, palestine liberation organization remains the representative of the palestinian people, even when hamas formed the palestinian government after the elections of 2006, they acknowledged this fact that the plo will be in charge of conducting negotiations with israel in order to resolve the conflict. so there's no question about who represents the palestinian people here. we do have political differences. this is not a secret. but when it comes to confronting this israeli brutal attack against the gaza strip, witnessing the deaths of innocent civilians, 135 so far have been killed, almost 1,000 wounded, we have put aside all our differences and we do our best to protect our people. >> how do you personally feel about the indiscriminate firing of rockets into israeli civilian areas going back months and years? >> well, we always have said that we do not condone violence from any side, but you have to keep in mind, piers, that this current cycle of violence started when israel took out a military commander of hamas on wednesday an
they can get. thank you. united nations is set to vote on whether to recognize a state of palestine which will probably spas what it could mean for israel and the rest of the world days after israel reached a cease-fire with gaza. >> announcer: 'tis the season of more-- more shopping, more dining out... and along with it, more identity theft. by the time this holiday season is over, an estimated 1.2 million identities may be stolen. every time you pull out your wallet, shop online or hit the road, you give thieves a chance to ruin your holiday. by the time you're done watching this, as many as 40 more identities may be stolen. you can't be on the lookout 24/7, but lifelock can. they're relentless about protecting your identity every minute of every day. when someone tries to take over your bank accounts, drain the equity in your home, or even tries to buy a car in your name, lifelock is on guard. and with lifelock's 24/7 alerts, they contact you by text, phone or email as soon as they detect suspicious activity in their network. lifelock wants you to be protected this holiday season, so t
: the world could be on the verge of getting a new country, with the u.n. voting on a vote for palestine and my guest is here to talk about that. >>guest: we have so much trouble at home with economics and with money, why do we give money to foreigners who really are irrelevant to the interests of the united states strike me as singularly odd. the election is over. the politicians are back in washington. they can ignore the needs of the american people for the next four years. >>neil: what would happen with the palestinian state? just because the u.n. votes to get the process rolling for statehood does not mean you have a palestine tomorrow but it leads in that direction. so, what would happen if in the end despite all the bumps along the way, that happens, what are we looking at? >>guest: you are looking at paying for the creation of a state in palestine and you will also on the other side, make sure the directlies don't worry too much, you will give them a lot of money and a lot more guns but i don't think it is a problem we have to worry about. the israelis will never let the palestin
to self determination and to independence in their state of palestine, on the palestinian territory, occupied since 1967." here is a look at how the land was divided. these are the 67 borders. secretary of state, hillary clinton says this bid if recognition is misguided and urge talks with israel for a two-state solution. after years of failed negotiations, and no two-state solution the palestinian president is ready for a rare symbolic victory. across the west bank and gaza palestinians are gathering in anticipation of the vote in their favor. u.n. recognition is mostly symbolic it could allow the palestinians to bring war crimes accusations against israel before the international criminal court. this comes amid growing tenses following the eight day conflict teen israel and the militant group that runs part of the palestinian territory, hamas. the palestinians are saying this is long overdue. >>jonathan: morale, legally, and politically, long overdue in the eyes of palestinians. they say as you look at the general assembly at the diplomats gather, this is a necessary on the road t
, for the first time the u.n. voting to recognize the state of palestine, causing a celebration in the west bank, but israel and the united states are not celebrating. they both tried but failed to block the u.n. move. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. nice to see. could this have been prevented? >> absolutely. this is a reflection of the obama administration to take this issue seriously. it was demonstrated last october when the palestinian authority was made a member of the u.n. scientific and cultural organization, when it never should have been. palestine is not a state. that's a fact. when the u.n. engages in this kind of activity it shows a real lack of administration commitment to stop it from happening. >> greta: what does it mean as a practical purpose? >> it has a couple of practical implications. the first is the general assembly having decided that palestine is in a state, it's now in a position to go to every other u.n. specialized agency and get admission, which will trigger off a cutoff of u.n. funding, number one. number two, i think there will be a reaction in congres
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